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What is a mind machine

What are Mind Machines / Light and Sound Machines?

There are many names for this technology:

- Audio-visual stimulation devices
- Light and sound entrainment devices (SLEDs)
- Mind machines

Essentially it is a tiny low spec computer that controls signals to your light glasses and your headphones. Simply select a session (depending on what you want to achieve) and then put on the glasses and heaphones.

History of mind machines

The first concepts were born in the late 1940s by Gray Walter. he noticed that flashing lights caused the human brain to follow the frequencies of these flashing lights.

Following from this discovery, numerous machines were developed for brainwave entrainment. A majority included tiny lights mounted in a pair of spectacles.

As time went by, audio began to be introduced in much the same. Usually achieved by using the 'binaural beat' phenomenom. Binaural beats are where one beat is played in one ear, and a second, very slightly later, in the second ear. Simultaneously, the two beats would cause the brain to interprwet just the difference in timing between the tow, and would then follow that frequency.

 The combined effects of having both the photic and the auditory portions of the brain stimulated in synchrony was found to be profound.

Today, SLEDs are used by psychologists and hypnotherapists in their practices and now also by non-professionals for helping achieve relaxation, stress management, Insomnia, mind expansion, accelerated learning and retention, breaking limiting beliefs, phobias, anxiety, sports training, and promoting physical wellness.

What's usually included with mind machines

A typical system consists of the micro-processor driven base unit, stereo headphones, and light glasses that have 8 tiny lights (LEDs). They can be 1 channel which means one colour glasses or two channel where you can enjoy a combination of any two colours. They usually have the capability to respond to Audiostrobe signals like from the Audiostrobe cds.

Please note:

These products are not intended for medical usage. No claims are made for medical benefits and as such these devices are purely for entertainment. If you have a medical issue, please go to see your regular gp/doctor.

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