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Useful Entrainment frequencies

Relaxation and Stress Relief - 5hz-10 hz.

Meditation - 4hz-7hz.

Sleep Replacement - 5Hz (for 30 mins) can replace about 2-3 hours of sleep.

Improved Sleeping Patterns - 4Hz to 8Hz (for 30-45 mins).

Treatment of Insomnia - Initially 4hz-6hz (for first 10 minutes), then <3.5hz (for 20-30 minutes), end on 2.5hz.

Improved and Lasting Sense of Well Being - 4Hz to 7Hz (for 45 minutes).

Creative Visualization - 6hz initially, then 10hz while using visualization techniques.

Alleviation of Migraines and Headaches - Alpha and Theta combinations.

Reduction of Depression Symptom
s - Alpha and Theta combinations.

Self Hypnosis - 8hz-10hz (whilst listening to self hypnosis tapes).

Accelerated Learning - 7hz-9hz (while listening to learning tapes). Also 10Hz for 10 mins breaks from study.

Subliminal Programming - 5hz-7hz (while listening to subliminal tapes).

Improve Intuition (or ESP?) - 4hz-7hz.

Reaching Higher States of Consciousness
- 4hz-7hz (results in a month if regular)

Quick Refresher on long days
- 8hz-10hz (for 15 minutes).

Increased Immune System - Alpha and Theta combinations .

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