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Image     The Sirius is the best value for money light and sound machine on the market.
     As an introduction to brainwave entrainment, it has most of the features of machines worth alot more.

     Fundamentally, it has Audiosrobe enabled, which allows the sirius to  be connected to your cd player and any of the audiostrobe titles will play back hidden sequences of light patterns that are syncronised to the music.

     Alternatively, choose one of the 23 built in sessions, which have all been programmed to entrain your brain in particular ways.

  • 21 built-in programs for all sorts of different benefits (eg relaxation, learning, etc..)
  • Random session mode creates a completely different session on the fly.
  • Supports AudioStrobe - a patented technology which effectively writes information about what sequences the lights display onto a CD alongside the music. These Cds are available to buy and give the client an awesome experience over the course of approx 55 mins. This same technology also allows you to plug in any music source and it will syncrionise the lights from the sirius to this music! Turn any source into a synchronized light show!
  • Ability to control the speed of the light's strobing effect within a tenth of a Hertz! There are sources available with precise frequencies and what they are supposed to help.


1. Preset Sessions - 23 preSset sessions for relaxation, learning, increased energy, visualization, sports performance and more.

2. Random Sessions - trully uniques sessions every time in this mode!

3. AudioStrobeŽ - if you have an audiostrobe cd or the software, then you can use this mode to play back the cd and experience its light session (the light signals are embeded on the cd above the human hearing range)

4. Manual Mode - gives you manual control over the pulse rate in tenths of a hertz, from .01 to 40.0. You can also alter the pitch of the binaural beats. This mode is for when you are more experinced at brainwave entrainment and want to program the your own preferred precise frequencies and sounds!

5. ColorPulse Mode - an alternative to Audiostrobe in that you can use this mode to play back any music of your choice and you will get an interpreted lightshow according to the music. So plug any sound source into your sirius!

6. AudioPulse Mode - this mode works with a built in microphone which picks up the surrounding sound waves and interprets them into light signals. Useful if you cannot connect any music source directly into the sirius. 

  SIRIUS USUAL PACKAGE INCLUDES: (check with supplier)

- Sirius Control Console with stand
- WHITE Liteframes
- Deluxe headphones
- Stero patchcord
- Carry case
- Manual
- Audiostrobe sampler CD


    This system uses strobe lighting at variable frequencies. A seizure IS A VERY REAL THREAT WHEN USING THESE DEVICES. Please make sure you ARE NOT:

-epileptic (photo-sensitive)

-children under 18 yrs (as may not be tested yet)

-pregnant women (as may harm baby if a seizure happens)

You can purchase a sirius mind machine here


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