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Procyon mind machine
Procyon mind machine

Introducing the new Procyon AVS. This system includes a number of new features:

  • USB connectivity – which also can power the system (no more power adapters to clutter up your space)
  • 255 shades each of red, green and blue light
  • Digital audio chip
  • 50 factory sessions, with room for up to 250
  • AudioStrobe® compatible decoder
  • New, stylish GanzFrames™—using super-thin surface mount LEDs. No more protruding "bulbs”.
Package Includes
  • Procyon console
  • RGB GanzFrames
  • USB cable
  • Stereo headphones
  • Stereo audio patch cord
  • Carry case

Software is now available for download from

You can preview the manual at Proteus LightFrame™ upgrade

Mindplace have replaced the venerable "bulb" style LED LightFrames with our new surface mount version. The underlying sunglasses have also been replaced by a more stylish, compact and comfortable model with flexible rubber earpieces. Surface mount LEDs are very thin and emit a very broad beam of light; you'll find that these new LightFrames provide much more uniform illumination of the eyelids, with none of the "hotspots" which plague the old-style glasses. This upgrade affects all currently shipping Proteus systems, and does not affect cost.

To buy the Procyon mind machine, please visit Mind Modulations - UK shipping from just £13!