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Mind Spa mind machine
Mind Spa UK

The MindSpa Personal Development System with AudioStrobe

     MindSpa's proprietary programs are the result of research published in November 2004* by clinical psychologist Ruth Olmstead, Ph.D. Dr. Olmstead's work with learning disabled, attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity / hyperactive disorder (ADHD) children is helping them and their families lead normal, productive lives. Her latest research results suggest that this technology could greatly enhance the quality of life for learning-disabled individuals. If it is this powerful you can begin to imagine what it does for regular functioning individuals as well!

Rest and Relaxation in minutes made simple

     MindSpa's programs range in length from 10 to 40 minutes. The programs are typically used two to three times per week. Just put on the proprietary led glasses and headphones and allow MindSpa to envelop you with deep, pulsating rhythms. This sensory combination of pure white light and sound removes outside distraction gently bathing you in a pleasant world of peace and tranquility.

MindSpa is AVStim's best product ever!

    With more than fifteen years in the field of stress reduction and learning, AVStim can say with all confidence MindSpa delivers the best performance of any product they have ever developed. Just read what some of their customers have to say.


And as an added bonus, AVStim lets you download an additional 75+ AudioStrobe programs FREE OF CHARGE, which are yours to keep!

MindSpa's 12 proprietary programs by Dr. Ruth Olmstead

Relaxation Programs
Program 1
Alpha Recharge 10 minutes
Low beta/mid-alpha 13 - 10 Hz


Program 2
Light Alpha Relaxation 22 minutes
Mid-beta to mid-alpha 15 - 10 Hz


Program 3
Deep Alpha Relaxation I - 23 minutes
Low-beta to low alpha 13 - 8 Hz


Program 4
Deep Alpha Relaxation II - 23 minutes
Mid-beta to low alpha/high theta 14 - 7 Hz


Program 5
Theta Induction I - 24 minutes
Mid-beta to theta 16 - 6 Hz


Program 6
Theta Induction II - 23 minutes
Low beta to low theta 14 - 4 Hz


Program 7
Theta Induction III - 30 minutes
Low beta to low theta 14 - 4 Hz


Program 8
Theta Induction IV - 40 minutes
Mid-beta to theta 15 - 6 Hz


Stimulation/Performance Enhancement Programs
Program 9
Memory Enrichment - 21 minutes
High to low beta 17 - 13 Hz


Program 10
Cognitive Enhancement - 22 minutes
High to low beta 35 - 13 Hz


Program 11
Advanced Attention for Children - 35 minutes
Low to very high beta 13 - 40 Hz


Program 12
Stimulus Reduction/
Advanced Focus for Adults - 35 minutes
Very high to low beta 40 - 13 Hz

All programs 2004 A/V Stim, LLC


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