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Mind machine lightframes


If you are after buying a second set of light frames for your Proteus mind machine or your Nova Pro 100, then you must be careful which light glasses to buy. Every device either comes with a CG or CP polarity. It is essential that you buy the correct glasses, to avoid any damage to your mind machine!

Common Ground (CG) only work with:

  • Most Photosonix products - Nova Pro 100, Luma 10, Muse, InnerPulse
  • InnerQuest products - IQ I, II, III, JR
  • All MindGear products

Common Power (CP) only work with:
  • A few Photosonix products - Galaxy Pro, Nova Pro
  • All MindPlace products - including Proteus, Sirius
  • Zygon products - MindQuest, SuperMind
  • InnerQuest products - IQ Tutor-9110
  • MindAlive - DAVID
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