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- Light and sound machines such as Proteus mind machine UK and US, Sirius mind machine UK and US, Audiostrobe Decoder UK and US, Mindspa mind machine and Nova Pro 100 UK and US...
- Relaxation UK such as Mindfold sleep mask, zen chi massager and health spas london...
- Music relaxation CDs such as the amazing Ultra Meditation UK, Gateway Experience UK and US and Hemi sync and brain sync cds...
- Yoga therapy accessories like sticky yoga mats, props, dvds, videos, books, clothing and yoga mats wholesale, yoga teacher training uk...
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- Home fitness equipment such as the power breathe fitness which can dramatically improve the lung's performance...
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wild divine uk and us The JOURNEY TO WILD DIVINE is an enchanting, non-violent, spiritual computer odyssey for body, mind and spirit that links hi-tech biosensors to your computer to create a truly interactive, enlightening, and entertaining multi-media experience. The wild divine UK and US uses modern biofeedback technology...
Buy the Journey to Wild Divine UK or US/worldwide here
thoughtstream uk The THOUGHTSTREAM is the world's first personal galvanic skin response (GSR) biofeedback training system: accurate as many clinical models, yet extremely easy to use. Lightweight, attractive, and comes with a unique palm-of-the-hand sensor, headphones, carry case, etc...
Buy the Thoughstream UK or US/worldwide here


proteus mind machine uk The PROTEUS MIND MACHINE is one of the revolutionary light and sound products that combines the innovative BiColor (tm) stimulation technology with a powerful set of additional features.
Buy the Proteus mind machine UK and US/worldwide here
audiostrobe decoder The AUDIOSTROBE DECODER reacts to special AudioStrobe CDs allowing you to experience the brainwave entrainment shows. Includes Mindexplorer software, light glasses, headphones etc...
Buy the Audiostrobe Decoder UK and US/worldwide here
sirius mind machine The SIRIUS MIND MACHINE is the best value for money light and sound machine on the market. As an introduction to brainwave entrainment, the sirius mind machine has most of the features of machines worth alot more..
Buy the Sirius mind machine UK and US/worldwide here
nova pro 100 uk The NOVA PRO 100 mind machine has 100 easy to use built-in relaxation, meditation, sleep, learning, energize, visualize, entertain and special purpose sessions. Room for downloading up to 100 more sessions and free Light & Sound Designer software comes as standard...
Buy the Nova Pro 100 mind machine UK and US/worldwide here


ultra meditation cds With ULTRA MEDITATION, in as little as 28 minutes you'll be meditating similar to that of a zen monk! This 5-Level system for transcendence comprises of 5 quality meditation CDs
gateway experience waves The GATEWAY EXPERIENCE CDS begins with Discovery and there are six “albums” called “Waves of Change.” Each 6-tape (or 3-CD) Wave contains special Hemi-Sync® exercises designed to gently lead the listener into profound states of expanded awareness.
Buy the GATEWAY EXPERIENCE UK and US/worldwide here

    So if you are interested in any alternative health/medicine approaches to combat the stresses and strains of life then delve into our site and find the best prices for both UK stockists and US stockists of the Journey to Wild Divine, Thoughtstream biofeedback device, Proteus mind machine, Sirius mind machine, Mindspa, Nova Pro 100 light and sound machine, Audiostrobe Decoder, the Gateway Experience Waves set I-VI from Hemisync, Ultra Meditation CDs, Hemi Sync, Brain Sync CDs, zen chi massager, mindfold sleep mask (great for biofeedback training), health spas london, flax seed oil, fish oil supplements, greens supplements, yoga mats, yoga bags, wholesale yoga mats uk, yoga dvds uk and videos, yoga books, etc.. All available from here from our recommended suppliers.

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